Jack Balkwill: « The world should fear another President Clinton ».

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Jack Balkwill. DR.

Jack Balkwill. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: In one of your articles, you confirm the implication of the CIA in the heroin trafficking in Afghanistan. What information do you have on this matter?

Jack Balkwill: I have not confirmed it, merely insinuated. Before the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the Taliban had almost entirely shut down poppy production in Afghanistan. After 14 years of US occupation, Afghanistan now produces 90% of the heroin in the world. Michael Levine, a former agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration in the USA, said that he tried to arrest the largest drug dealers around the planet and each time was stopped and told the criminals worked with the CIA, and to leave them alone. He finally resigned his position.

Western citizens can they believe their Governments on anti-terrorism and anti-drug issues, when United States manage the heroin trafficking in Afghanistan, train and arm terrorist groups like Daesh and Al-Qaeda, and that Cameroonian army has surprised the French who delivered weapons to the terrorist organization Boko Haram?

No Western citizen should believe that the government of the USA seriously opposes terrorism or drug trafficking. Al Qaeda began as a CIA operation in Afghanistan during President Carter’s administration, working then with Osama bin Laden as an ally. The USA worked with terrorist groups to overthrow the government of Libya and is now working with terrorists to overthrow the government of Syria. Gary Webb documented the CIA’s bringing cocaine into the USA where it was sold on the streets to earn money to support terrorism against the people of Nicaragua during the 1980s. Your readers should also do an internet search on Michael Levine for chilling stories about the US government’s role in illegal international drug trafficking.

Specialists on the security question proved that the drug money finances the terrorism. The terrorist groups which are self-financed with the drug money would they obey to the Empire’s agendas, since we know that CIA holds the heroin trafficking monopoly?

Often the USA creates terrorist groups to undermine governments, such as al Qaeda and then loses control. Al Qaeda is now considered to be an enemy of the USA! In Syria groups were created to attack the elected government there, and are now out of control and identified as Isis, now attacking US interests.

On another chapter, Hillary Clinton runs for presidential election while she failed as Secretary of State by losing an ambassador in Libya, murdered by terrorists linked with United States. She also receives money from kingdom of Morocco, which is in dispute with the UNO concerning the Western Sahara issue. If tomorrow Clinton is president of the United States, won’t be there a conflict of interest concerning the question of Sahara Occidental decolonization? And when we fail as Secretary of State, can we succeed as President?

Hillary Clinton is a frightening woman who embraces terrorism on behalf of the Empire’s goals. She laughed when President Gaddaffi was executed in Libya during that horrible attack while she was Secretary of State and eagerly involved. She voted as Senator for the illegal invasion of Iraq. She has received millions of dollars to run for the bankers, defense contractors and polluters who dominate the American system of government, controlling our elections and mainstream press. The world should fear another President Clinton (her husband was also a horrible president). American elections are controlled, and only the most corrupt candidates have an opportunity to be seen on television and win.

You mention the presence of a nuclear mafia in the United States. Can you inform us about that?

The term « Nuclear Mafia » was coined by former Commander in Chief of Pacific Forces, Admiral Noel Gaylor, who used it to describe defense contractors. These companies spend millions of dollars to bribe candidates for office such as Hillary Clinton, who then reward them with contracts after they win elections. Their executives are paid millions of dollars, and their investors make billions of dollars from the American taxpayers, who don’t even have a decent health care system for themselves such as exist in Western Europe. American mainstream press is corrupt and covers this up, so that most Americans remain ignorant.

In the West, countries that claim to be democracies let they the conflicting voices to speak in the mass media? As an activist and committed intellectual, can you express yourself in the mainstream media, or do you have access only to alternative media?

I don’t even try to write for the mainstream media. It is entirely propaganda, protecting international investors and international corporations that work against the interests of American citizens, and citizens of the world. Although I have a college degree in journalism, I have never applied for a position in the mainstream press, because I find them to be disgusting. We have hundreds of TV channels, where most Americans get their news, and none of them tell the truth.

I write about this with the hope that young people, armed with facts, might one day bring about an iota of democracy in the land.

Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Who is Jack Balkwill?

Jack Balkwill is an American journalist and writer established in Virginia. He won national awards for his poetic writings, fiction and documentaries. Veteran of the Vietnam War, he is an anti-war activist for decades. He writes inRectangle, magazine of the English Honor Society, for the tens of millions of readers USA Today and progressive media such Z Magazine, In These Times, Counterpunch, This Can’t Be Happening, Dissident Voice, and others. He is author of the book « An Attack on the National Security State: Pentagon, C.I.A., F.B.I. about peace activists in prison in the USA for opposing militarization and weapons.

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