Colonel Régis Chamagne: « NATO has become a tool at the service of US imperialism, itself at the service of the financial oligarchy’s project »

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Colonel Régis Chamagne. DR.

Colonel Régis Chamagne. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You are talking about a plan for the destruction of nation-States, especially by breaking their armies. It is a terrible fact. Can you tell us about this project?

Col. Régis Chamagne: The objective of the financial oligarchy is to seize the riches of the world, and to achieve this, humanity must be enslaved. Thirty years ago, some 60 people owned 50 percent of the world’s wealth. At the time, the image used was that of a bus: we could fill a bus with those who owned 50 percent of the world’s wealth. Today, they are only eight people who own half the wealth of the world.

So the project of the oligarchy advances. Free trade, that is, the free flow of money and goods throughout the world, is the tool that serves this purpose, because it allows putting competing social systems of different countries of the world and thus to destroy the social protections which certain peoples had succeeded in gaining in high struggle. These social protections are based on solidarity within a people; solidarity between rich and poor through redistributive taxation and public services on the one hand and solidarity between the generations thanks to pensions on the other hand.

These social protection systems had been built within the framework of nation-States. In France, the Republic, One and Indivisible, must normally be the guarantor of solidarity between citizens. It is therefore naturally the nation-States that must be destroyed because it is the entities that are the most likely to oppose the project of the financial oligarchy. Everything else flows from it. How to destroy nation-States? By erasing the sense of belonging: destruction of the teaching of History, dilution of the national armies which constitute their immune defenses, etc.

You are a colonel in the French army. Do you think there is a slump in the army? What do you think of the words of General Pierre de Villiers, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMA) regarding the lack of means and the response of president Hollande who affirms the contrary?

The latest White Paper on Defense, dated April 29, 2013, is very clearly directed towards the drastic reduction of the immune defenses of our country. There was no reason to write a new book on Defense in 2013. No event had disrupted the geostrategic situation to the point of reconsidering our military strategy. The only objective was to dramatically reduce our military spending.

If the CEMA spoke as he did, he had good reason to do so. He knows his defense tool, he knows the constraints to which he is subjected; he must assume the missions that the political power imposes on him with the means that the same power entrusts to him. Between the CEMA and this president, I have more confidence in the CEMA on these issues.

You are a Gaullist, a convinced anti-Atlanticist and anti-European. Can you tell us what the usefulness of NATO is?

Since the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR, NATO has no longer any reason to be, in view of its initial strategic objectives. However, once the raison d’être of NATO disappeared, an existential crisis seized its executives. They have reformed its structure to adapt it to new missions, themselves arising from the emergence, real or fantasize, of a new threat: Islamism. In fact, NATO has become a tool at the service of US imperialism, itself at the service of the financial oligarchy’s project.

And we note that since the end of the USSR, NATO intervenes in several theaters of operation throughout the world, mostly to attack rather secular nation-States in the Arab-Muslim countries (Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.).

Like some of my participants, you draw attention or even ring the alarm against the privatization of the Defense in favor of a financial oligarchy. Can you explain that? Is the privatization of Defense an ultimate step in the process of destroying nation-States and their armies in favor of this oligarchy?

I develop this theme in my entitled conference: where goes the Defense of France? Indeed our defense tool, that is to say the immune defenses of France as a biological entity, is being privatized. Part of our Defense industry has come under foreign control, particularly Germany, including industries that fall within our exclusive sovereignty: M-51 nuclear missile, MUSIS satellite. Our military equipment will be « managed » by public-private « leasing » companies that will lease them to our armies. If we continue in this direction, in fifteen years, France will be defended by mercenaries. Then, we will be far from the Republican ideal and the icon of the Soldier of the Year II.

You call the intervention in Libya a crime against humanity. Do not Sarkozy, Cameron, Hillary Clinton and Obama deserve to be judged for crimes against humanity?

Of course, and the list does not end there. But History is always written by the victors. In order to these people, and others, to be summoned by a new Nuremberg court to answer for a crime against humanity, it would take a drastic turnaround.

You are one of the few senior officers who speak freely and courageously. Is not what you say aloud what other officers think in a low voice?

I do not have much contact with active soldiers. Sometimes I meet at a conference. The echoes that I perceive let me think that the military ask themselves a lot of questions, especially at the bottom of the hierarchy: non-commissioned officers, mostly subordinate officers. In fact, these are those who are confronted with reality on the ground, who have participated in OPEXs (external operations) and who question themselves about the real objectives of the operations in which they risked their lives.

I saw one of your speeches in which you say that the French president is appointed by « the Bureau of French Affairs » in Washington. Is France a vassal of the United States? Can we talk about democracy and sovereignty in France?

I said that in the form of a joke and somewhat provocative. It was a shortcut to say that the President of the French Republic was chosen from a pool of collaborators of the oligarchy. These collaborators have positions in all the so-called « government » parties. Thus, the media and polling institutes, which form the center of gravity of the political system under the orders of the oligarchy, impose the candidates among whom we must designate the chosen one. The emergence of « out-of-system » candidates is therefore extremely difficult, given the obstacle of the five hundred signatures and the regrouping of municipalities which place independent mayors under the control of political parties.

The French political system is thus locked. I think we are no longer in a democracy. Moreover, the last decision of Valls dated 5 December 2016, before leaving Matignon, to place the Court of Cassation, the highest judicial authority, under the control of the Government, leaves no ambiguity. At the end of its rope, this system does not even bother to save appearances.

General Wesley Clark said Daesh is a creation of the CIA and Mossad, General Flynn, current National Security Advisor to the White House, said that Daesh was created by the US and Hillary Clinton acknowledged that the US had created Al-Qaeda. Aren’t the terrorists of Daesh and Al Qaeda NATO’s objective allies? Aren’t these terrorist groups an alibi for the preservation of NATO?

These criminal organizations are, of course, a pretext for maintaining the existence of NATO, but they are also a tool to destroy the rather secular, autonomous Arab-Muslim countries, that is to say, capable of deciding for themselves, and possessing hydrocarbon resources and/or an interesting geostrategic position.

Can we say that NATO, armed wing of US imperialism, Daesh and Al Qaeda belong to the same matrix?

In a way, yes. They constitute the two sides of the same medal serving the same project. But it is not certain that the men who serve these organizations are aware of it, far from it. General Wesley Clark was the Commander-in-Chief of NATO (SACEUR) at the time of the war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. And yet he is one of those who denounce today the drifts of this system.

By using terrorism against nation-states, aren’t US imperialism and its vassals dancing on a volcano, especially when the targets of these terrorists are not only Libya, Syria, Tunisia or Algeria but are today Europe and the world?

It is obvious. When the monster escapes the control of its creator, there is concern to be made. However, terrorists are known to us at the moment because we have recruited, trained, armed and financed them. In this case, we trained them well, since at every attack in our country, they carefully leave their identity papers at the crime scene, which facilitates the work of the investigators.

Are not Algeria and its army a potential target of this financial oligarchy?

Algeria was a target for the United States, which had deployed bases in Niger and Mali to survey its southern border. At the same time, there is a rapprochement between Algeria and Russia which should make it possible to strengthen the security of Algeria on the one hand and perhaps to offer points of anchorage to the Russian navy in the Mediterranean Sea on the other hand.

On the other hand, we must ask ourselves the question of who is behind the independence movement in Kabylia. Indeed, to fuel and even create regionalist independence movements is a mode of action of the oligarchy. It has been used in Kosovo and is an integral part of the strategy for the dismantling of European nations through the Europe of the Regions project.

Anyway, since the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, things should change. Trump announced the end of US interference in the world. Let us wait to see what he will decide concretely and we will judge the actions.

Is there a real political will on the part of Western leaders to fight terrorism or will they continue to protect their terrorist friends? Aren’t the European populations victims of their own leaders?

I’m not in their heads. On the US side, things should change; Trump made it clear that he intended to fight Daesh and move closer to Russia in this fight. This will have consequences for Europe since we are undergoing this massive immigration caused by our own actions of destabilization of Libya, Syria and Iraq. If the United States and Russia join forces to eradicate Daesh, there will be positive consequences for Europe. However, false flag operations are still possible in Europe, especially in the run-up to elections. Things will really change when the European peoples will dismiss the current political classes.

Do you think possible a rapprochement between Russia and the United States? Are we not moving towards a new geopolitical order?

The rapprochement between the United States and Russia is very probable since it was part of Trump’s candidate program. It will be necessary to observe in what areas and to what extent it will materialize. We are witnessing a change in the geopolitical paradigm whose we are seeing contours drawing: a post-imperial world, which some call multipolar. This is, moreover, the subject of one of my lectures. Some « delighted of the crèche » (credulous) think that in this multipolar world Europe will form a geopolitical entity. I believe, on the contrary, that the European Union will disintegrate as the USSR did before it and that the nation-States of Europe will recover their popular and national sovereignty.

Is not the green Belt of Brzezinski a wall that cracks everywhere? How do you comprehend the Trump era?

Zbigniew Brzezinski noted that the strategy that he develops in his famous book « The grand chessboard » for a 21st American century will not happen. He wrote it in an article in The American Interest. I relate it in an article. The Trump era marks the beginning of the new geopolitical paradigm. Now, events should accelerate this paradigm shift: end of NATO, disintegration of the European Union, break-up of the euro zone.

You wrote a manifest book « France, get up! » Your book is a project for a sovereign and independent France of NATO and USA. Do you think that France will one day recover its sovereignty?

The exact title is "Get up" . France will regain its popular sovereignty. History is on march and we are witnessing the last bursts of the system to survive itself. It may take a couple of years, but I think in two or three years the transition will take place.

In this regard, the tactics of the system for the France is clear. Emmanuel Macron is a pure product of this consanguineous system, sponsored by Rothschild and Jacques Attali. It is in some way an « end of race » of the system. And it is presented as an antisystem candidate in a chemically pure semantic inversion that makes the amalgam between political party and system. So we’re seeing a system that goes to the end of itself. The project of the oligarchy is a second round Macron – Le Pen then a massive campaign of dam to the FN (National Front).

Are you optimistic about the future? Will the peoples thwart the intentions and plans of the world oligarchy?

In the long and medium term, I am quite optimistic. But do not take it into account, I am optimistic by nature. For it must be said that the oligarchy is very powerful. It is very rich and can therefore pay the best brains who agree to work for its profit. Against this, there is only a massive popular awareness that can make a blocking to it, frontally in the urns or simply by circumventing it by an alternative way of life that impoverishes it. If we boycott television, dominant radios, supermarkets, highways, stadiums and everything that helps to orient our desires, urges and ultimately our lives, then we will have a chance to be truly free, individually and collectively in restoring our popular sovereignty.

But we know that this system is violent and that it can rage if it feels on the decline. Then, one of the important questions is what attitude will have the praetorian guard of the system: police, gendarmerie, armies. It is, moreover, on this question that I conclude my book.

General Glavany told me one day, among other things, that in France, many politicians claim to be Gaullists whereas in reality they are atlantists. How do you explain this hypocrisy of politicians?

This is elementary political tactics. We refer to a great figure in the history of France to give oneself a little consistency, in thinking that this is legitimate since one is placed in a « political family » historically linked to the historical figure in question. But in reality, you serve the hand that feeds you, that of the bankers and the oligarchy.

When one uses a historical figure as a symbol, one must be careful because the symbols must be handled with precaution. In short, this tactic can work to some extent. But when the big gap is no longer bearable then the curtain tears. Sarkozy-the-traitor who goes to Glières, symbol of the Resistance; Hollande, the servant of the powerful, who poses, in black and white, in the restaurant at the exit of which Jean Jaurès was assassinated. All these manipulations have had the opposite effect of the one desired; the large gap was too large.

Today, true Gaullists are in the shadows, as they were under occupation. They are sans-culottes (French revolutionaries). They are ordinary people. The politicians who dare to refer on General de Gaulle are ridiculous. They inspire only disgust and contempt.

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Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Who is Régis Chamagne?

Régis Chamagne, born in 1958 in Constantine (Algeria), is a former colonel of the French Air Force. He joined the French Air Force Academy in 1977 to become an officer, engineer and then fighter pilot. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, Officer of the National Order of Merit, holder of the Medal of the Aeronautics, he totalizes more than 3000 hours of flight.

First, pilot in air defense squadron and flight commander on Mirage F1C in Cambrai, then commander of a reconnaissance squadron on Mirage F1CR in Strasbourg, he has carried out operational detachments in Chad, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. After a year at the General Inspectorate of the Air Force, he was posted to the Nancy-Ochey Air Base where he commanded the 3rd Fighter Squadron on Mirage IIIE and Mirage 2000D. This command put an end to the operational part of his career in the summer of 1995. From 1995 to 1996, he attended the Joint-services Superior War School. After graduating from the War School, he became head of the Operational Analysis Office at the Air Defense and Air Operations Command (CDAOA) and head of the Intelligence Department. After being appointed Head of Mission to the Major General of the Armed Forces General Staff, then Head of the Army General Staff’s Targeting Section, he was entrusted with the command of the air base BA 106 of Bordeaux-Mérignac. He left the Air Force in 2004 with the rank of colonel.

He is the author of "The Art of Air Warfare, which received the 2005 Estrade-Delcros Award from the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, and "Get up" , an invitation to the French people to wake up, to stand up and not to be subjected to the yoke of a stateless class who planned its destruction.

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