For our friend Hadda Hazem

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Journalist Hadda Hazem on hunger strike. DR.

Journalist Hadda Hazem on hunger strike. DR.

I’ll be back again to assure you of my support as a patriot and as a columnist for the American Herald Tribune newspaper whose columns are open to you. I personally undertake to translate all the texts you want to publish into English. Personally, I know the hunger strikes because I made three of them, and I am still suffering from them until today. I advise you to pay close attention to you. You must drink a lot of water and especially no sugar water, which is very bad for the kidneys. Few people know it. Once again I assure you of all my brotherly and friendly support. Unfortunately, in today’s Algeria, patriots are mistreated while terrorists and mobsters thrive. Good luck, dear friend.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen for American Herald Tribune

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