Nicolas Sarkozy, profession: president of France, crook and criminal against humanity

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Nicolas Sarkozy and Muammar Gaddafi. DR.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Muammar Gaddafi. DR.

She is beautiful the French Republic! Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is entangled in an unprecedented scandal of State that will mark the history of France. Another scandal because, indeed, Sarkozy collects the shady cases since that of Betancourt to the case Gaddafi by way of Bygmalion or Paul Bismuth case, etc. and shows how dirty French policy is. Accustomed to police custody, the French Berlusconi has been placed under formal investigation for passive bribery, illegal financing of electoral campaign and concealment of embezzlement of Libyan public funds. Frightened, the establishment, the watchdog journalists of CAC40 and Parisian lounge lizards panic, not knowing to which saint or what devil to devote. All shout at the plot, Sarkozy in the lead. The troubling elements are not lacking in this case. For example, Claude Guéant, appointed secretary general of the presidency of the French Republic at the investiture of Sarkozy, had rented a large safe of the size of a man just before the presidential campaign 2007 on the pretext of locking up speeches of Sarkozy there. But investigators suspect it has served to contain bundles of cash from Libya. Another strange fact is the former Minister of Oil under Gaddafi, Shukri Ghanem, exiled to Vienna and who could have said much about the money paid to Sarkozy, was found drowned in the Danube in 2012. The French justice has got hold of the notebook in which he recorded his schedule and in which he had noted three payments for a total of 6.5 million euros for Sarkozy’s presidential campaign.

This is undoubtedly a landmark event in a country where political leaders of all stripes do not stop giving lessons of morality and democracy to the entire planet, all day long and on all the nauseating mainstream TV channels. This indictment reveals what really happened during the French intervention in Libya in 2011, intervention that has caused and continues to cause thousands of deaths and that has destabilized the Sahel and all of North Africa. Since then, Libya has become a sanctuary for terrorists who have seized the Libyan military arsenal and men continue to die, including Algerian soldiers, following the disaster. The war against Libya instigated by Sarkozy with the help of his sidekick, the notorious Zionist and so-called « philosopher » Bernard-Henry Levy always in search of underhand tricks, was to allow the rogue president to eliminate all the witnesses concerning the money that Muammar Gaddafi had given him for his campaign of 2007 and which would amount to 50 million euros. Not content with cause the death of tens of thousands Libyans, Sarkozy went so far as to assassinate the Libyan head of State to erase the traces of his crime. At the time already, we had precise information establishing the involvement of Sarkozy in the assassination of Gaddafi, operation that had been supervised by a French agent.

Who financed, trained and armed the so-called « insurgents » and « rebels », all jihadists, if not France and its allies, Qatar, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and of course the USA? By dint of playing with fire, they ended up getting burned and they lost their ambassador in Benghazi, J. Christopher Stevens, by their maneuvers and their incompetence. Today, the blood of the victims resurfaces and exposes the entire French regime as a whole with its political and media relays. The case was revealed by the Médiapart site and the latest developments came from the side of Alexandre Djouhri, a French businessman of Algerian origin, friend of Claude Guéant, Minister of Sarkozy, and Bechir Saleh Bechir, a Libyan diplomat and the Gaddafi treasurer, Djouhri being hospitalized in London following a timely heart attack and placed in an artificial coma, and Saleh Bechir who was attacked in South Africa and shot six times in the chest, is in coma too. The two key witnesses in this case are therefore unable to be auditioned and it would be by the purest chance? Knowing the French tradition of activating spooks to settle delicate matters, one can ask questions about the appropriateness of these « accidents ». About espionage, could they explain us the links that exist between Saleh Bechir, Djouhri and Bernard Squarcini, former head of the DCRI (Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence, changed to DGSI = General Directorate of Homeland Security)? Why the boss of the French secret service Squarcini was on May 3, 2012 on the Champ-de-Mars, near the Eiffel Tower, with Alexandre Djouhri and Saleh Bechir, just before the latter, wanted by Interpol, escape in the private jet of Djouhri for the destination of his choice? In the Sarkozy-Gaddafi affair, there are a lot of shadows and the cupboards are full of corpses that were not struck by lightning. The more you open the cupboards, the more you come across suspicious deaths.

The new developments of this case are very important because they show the ugly face of Western regimes that claim to be democratic when in reality, they are rogue States resorting to assassinations and black operations and do not hesitate to destabilize whole countries and cause their destruction. Those who claim that Sarkozy is presumed innocent by law, we answer them that he is guilty in the court of History as are Bush, Blair, Obama, Cameron, Holland, etc. and we remain hopeful to see them brought before courts such as the ICT, which spends its time manhandling African presidents who are often settled by former colonial powers like France. It should also be reminded that Sarkozy received money from Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the Algerian president. Algerian citizens would very much like to know for what purpose this money was used and by what right the Bouteflika regime gave it to this rogue and criminal president. According to the testimony given to the Algerian press by Abderrahmane Dahmane, former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy and former National Secretary of the UMP, Bouteflika has delivered a check in person to Nicolas Sarkozy. This statement was never denied nor Sarkozy nor by Bouteflika. It is not surprising if mediocre French leaders support mediocre heads of State like them, it is always a matter of interests and money. Sarkozy is the standard-bearer of neocolonialism and Françafrique (France-Africa, neo-colonial sense), the friend of all African despots and for whom money has no smell. However, the Algerian aid did not prevent Sarkozy the mobster to criticize Algeria several times and to declare that he is against the right of the people of Western Sahara to enjoy its independence, taking the cause for the Moroccan Makhzen regime, a very generous regime with him and his band of friends who have palaces in Morocco and set up orgies of pedophilia.

In addition to supporting Morocco against the Saharawi people, Nicolas Sarkozy is a convinced Zionist and a great supporter of Israel, unconditionally supporting the Zionist entity of Israel. This little lackey of the CRIF (Representative Council of the Jewish Institutions of France) shows his true face and the one of the French regime which, to monopolize natural resources and money, is able to destroy countries and peoples. Sarkozy is guilty of using State means, including secret services, for personal gain and to have made of Libya a terrorist sanctuary. He bears direct responsibility for all the attacks that took place and that will take place, be it in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad and even Europe. Abdelhakim Belhadj, a leader of Al Qaeda in Libya and a friend of France, was he not received at the Elysée by French political leaders, including Sarkozy? He is responsible for the unprecedented wave of migration that has swept Europe, and especially thousands of drownings in the Mediterranean which has become a vast maritime cemetery. The watchdogs of the press have to stop playing the frightened virgins; Sarkozy and Holland are guilty of crimes against humanity and should answer for their war crimes against peoples, one in Libya, the other in Syria, and against their own people. A day will come when these criminals will answer for their actions in front of their public opinion, unfortunately completely brainwashed – except for some clairvoyant people committed to the good sense of History -, manipulated by the mainstream media at the service of multinationals and big capital. For a holy alliance has been formed to defend the indefensible, and condemns the justice, saying it is biased when it does its job. And let no one tell us that the judges have put Sarkozy under charges for no reason! According to our sources, the Prosecutor’s Office received information from Tripoli in Libya. Today, the vise is tightening around the former president-gangster and he is now in the crosshairs of justice. It is the moral of the story. As for us, we will always fight so that crimes against peoples do not go unpunished.


Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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