Maria Poumier: “The Jewish State has a detestable Mafia-like logic and practices the historical lie on an unprecedented scale”

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Maria Poumier. DR.

Maria Poumier. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Why every time someone supports the just cause of the Palestinian people, he is subjected to a real lynching with accusations of anti-Semitism, negationism, etc.?

Maria Poumier: It is obvious that Israelis are afraid, precisely, that the defense of the Palestinians will lead to questioning the founding myths of Israeli politics. And they know it’s a losing battle for them. The recurrence of their ferocity against the Palestinians, against the Western militants who defend the Palestinian cause and against the historians who point out all the frauds and blackmail to impose a version as dogmatic as incoherent on the history of the persecutions suffered by a number of Jews during the Second World War, all this is more and more visible. This repression validates, globally, the idea that from the beginning, the Jewish State has a detestable Mafia-like logic and practices the historical lie on an unprecedented scale: enough to drag in front of international tribunals many Israeli political figures. And the descendants of victims will be horrified to discover how authentic Jewish victims have been duped and exploited. I go further, if we add the crimes of the Jewish State in terms of mental manipulation around the collective memory, the permanent crimes against the Palestinians, and interference in the politics of each European State, as well as at the EU level, I claim the termination of diplomatic relations with the Jewish State, in a lasting manner.

What is the real weight of the pro-Israel lobby in France?

The pressure of the « Jewish State » is exerted in the form of blackmail to feelings; it is a lobbying that pollutes the souls, in other words the conscious individual choices, but also the unconscious atavisms. It is important to distinguish spheres of influence: many magistrates have to judge Jewish crooks who, at the slightest alarm, take refuge in the « Jewish State ». So they do not know how to crack down effectively. The manufacturers and traders of each country are both partners and competitors with those of the Jewish state, and bribes are circulating, flooding the political world. It is at the level of the media and showbiz that an unbearable blackmail is exerted, sending to the courthouse anyone trying to break the wall of censorship. This confirms that we are primarily in the field of propaganda, rhetoric, and therefore unbridled lies.

The pro-Israel lobby is engaged in espionage as seen in this case of the censored Al Jazeera documentary: In this documentary, we notice the fear of Israel in relation to the movement of the BDS (Boycott disinvestment and Sanctions). Why in your opinion Israel is afraid of BDS?

Since May 2018, since the US government recognized « the Jewish State » as such, I prefer to use this appointment, rather than saying « Israel »; because it is already, in itself, a fraudulent word, forcing naive Christians to believe that this rogue State is the realization on earth of the mythical « Israel », « promised land » for the Spirit, that we Christians take up in our readings of biblical texts, and in particular Psalms, extremely inspired texts, which have universal meaning only in the metaphorical reading, and not nationalist. « The Jewish State », on the contrary, is a just designation: a racist, apartheid State, and is officially represented in institutions claiming Judaism from many countries, thus in extraterritoriality, exerting his empire by considerable means; in parallel and in a complementary way, it is recognized as such in a specific territory, expanding in the most total illegality, a small territory located in the Middle East, a colonial enclave wanted and created by the British from the Balfour Declaration, a century ago. The BDS campaign harms the image of the Jewish State, it is decisive. And it allows all kinds of people or entities to express their resistance to mental intoxication without being able to accuse them for their possible unpleasant feelings, since this campaign is entirely based on international law, and the observation of Israeli violations.

Do not you think that the BDS is an organization that relays the real suffering of the Palestinian people?

Any concrete action and any argued criticism of the « Jewish State » is useful and justified, as long as this monstrous creation does not evolve towards the « rapid and peaceful dismantling », as say anti-Zionist Rabbis of Neturei Karta, in other words, towards the recognition of equal rights for all the inhabitants of historic Palestine. The external pressure must strengthen the inner resistance, of course.

How do you explain that when there are many young people joining in the West to the just cause of the Palestinian people, there is a rapprochement of some Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, etc. with Israel?

There is an important bibliography on this subject. Wahhabis assume the legacy of crypto-Jews in the Ottoman Empire in the eighteenth century, and share the supremacist and aggressive principles of Zionism. But there are other factors: the reversals of alliances are constant in the Muslim world. They were allied with the Jews against Christians in Andalusia, for example, until the expulsion of 1492. The Shiite Sheikh Imran Hossein even insists on the idea that the boycott is contrary to Islam, that it should not be used because it harms civilians, even if there is a war. And the solidarity of the Arab world with the Palestinians has always been flawed, it is not new. At the moment, all the blocks are falling apart; we must expect all turnarounds, motivated by short-term interests, because strategic thinking is very weak in the countries you mention.

You have received death threats at the same time as several other personalities because of your commitment to the Palestinian people and against the criminal policy of the Zionist entity of Israel. What can you tell us about this?

Raphaël Schoeman was a pensioner, a Zionist fanatic who stocked weapons of war in his garage and who depended to be protected in the acts he planned in 2003; he was sentenced to pay one symbolic euro to 12 people. But it is a band of young people trained by the Betar who concretely smashed the face in our friend Ginette Hess-Skandrani, by fraudulently entering his apartment. Moreover, when anti-Zionist Rabbis of Neturei Karta want to come to Paris to protest publicly against Israeli actions, they call on me to protect them from the Zionist thugs by being visible to their side. It’s funny! More seriously, the French-Israeli « Ulcan » since Tel Aviv, terrorized several people, with « hoaxes », made threats on their relatives, causing a fatal heart attack in the father of the journalist Le Corre. He had also tried to intimidate the researcher Robert Faurisson, but it did not affect the press, who passed his name in silence, nor justice. The « great Robert » (note: Robert Faurisson) who has just died after a last conference where English antifascists had threatened to ruin the reputation of the hotel where the private meeting was held at which he was invited, has in fact undergone ten physical attacks since 1979, one of which was very serious, and he could have left his life, if a charitable bystander had not chased the three young aggressors, who had not been seriously worried. When the Zionist killers go at a personality fiercely, it is because he really represents a danger for the « Jewish State ».

How do you explain that organizations like LDJ (Jewish Defense League) and Betar (note: radical Zionist youth movement) act with impunity in France?

The book of Jacob Cohen “Le Printemps des Sayanim”, these more or less sleeper agents of the secret service of the foreign country practicing the systematic interference in the French political life, explains very well this power of the Jewish paramilitaries in our country. There is the double loyalty of some, the cowardice and helplessness of others does the rest.

In your book more than important because it concerns the survival of the human species “Marchandiser la vie humaine“, you sound the alarm on programs such as GPA (surrogacy) and PMA (medically assisted procreation). In your opinion, are people sufficiently informed about these programs? Has the human being become a commodity that we sell and buy? And how to fight effectively against the commoditization of the human being?How did we get there?

The debate is raging now; many serious arguments have reached public visibility, against the commoditization of life. What has not attained to the collective consciousness is that the manufacture of artificial children is a project of Israeli origin, because there is for the « Jewish state » a serious demographic problem, Jewish residents suffering a lot of infertility problems: 1 couple on 4 consults specialists for this, while in our country it is 1 on 7. Thus, it is the first country to have authorized the GPA (Pregnancy For Money), since 1996. And it is a homosexual of the same country, Doron Mamet, who set up the triangular trade to buy « genetically superior » gametes mainly from the Nordic countries, for the production of carefully selected embryos, then implanted in poor third world women, to satisfy buyers of newborns, mainly Westerners. There’s a kosher market for these commodities, and then another one, for the ordinary people. The sentimental arguments are only advertising decoys, but the media make it a frightful promotion. The role of La Croix, supposed to be a Christian newspaper, is an example of deep corruption in this area. The market is extremely buoyant because infertility increases dramatically in rich countries, and agencies, « fertility clinics » and lawyers specializing in circumventing the laws of each country, hope that the clientele will grow even more with homosexuals, legalization or not.

In your opinion, is it not the essence of the capitalist system to generate programs such as those described in your book « Marchandiser la vie humaine », namely the PMA, the GPA, etc.?

Marx identified capitalism with the logic and commercial scope of the Jews, and he saw it as a plague for the mind and for the people. I say that the person who agrees to enter this market, as a customer for the finished product, or as a salesman of his gametes (eggs or sperm), or by offering themselves as an incubator (called « surrogate mother », but considered in contracts as simple uterus on legs), each person tramples on his own universal moral principles, agrees to enter into the logic of Jewish merchants, contributes to « making Jews ». This is serious for the next generation.

Do you think there is a Machiavellian plan to reduce the world population initiated by the 1% who leads the world?

This plan is absolutely official, and everyone contributes by repeating without thinking that we are far too many on earth. We are not afraid to say it, because it sounds ecological common sense, but in fact, all countries have greatly reduced their birth rates since the 1960s, and only the poorest refuse to adapt. Concretely, it is Africa, which, in the name of its deep spirituality, continues to ignore the mantra. All kinds of international bodies are pressuring in the name of women’s « reproductive rights », there are campaigns to sterilize men, toxic vaccine floods and homosexual propaganda, nothing doing, Africans acquire an unprecedented demographic weight, when Whites become a minority race, what the Blacks were, barely two hundred years ago. Contraception was invented to limit the reproduction of the poor, but it turned against the rich because globally, modern women in our countries are denying men the power to fertilize them until the age when, beauty fading and feminine arrogance falling all the more, they begin to regret.

You who know well Latin America for having taught for years at the University of Havana in Cuba, how do you explain the return of the extreme right in Latin America like that of Bolsonaro in Brazil? Is not Bolsonaro a danger to peace in Latin America?

Bolsonaro interests me because he’s a character from the Trump era; like Trump, to be quiet on his back, he hopes to put the Brazilian Jews on his side by pledging allegiance to « the Jewish State ». Like Trump, it is likely that he sincerely wants to remedy societal problems in his country, which the left has not been able to solve. Like Trump, he is going to be under global pressure, and his government will be subject to rampant corruption. Moreover, clientelism and feudalism remain decisive throughout Latin America, regardless of the label of the president, which distorts any ideological reasoning. Brazil does not feel that it belongs primarily to Latin America, but to be a metropolis compared to the 5 Portuguese-speaking African countries. He began by provoking the Afro-descendants by pointing out, before being elected, that slavery was a trade that was practiced among Africans, before being the great source of wealth for Portugal, and for Brazil. Bolsonaro is certainly an opportunist who, with his electoral victory, first tries to reassure the national capital and its cultural relays. But with his outspokenness, he reassured the people who have more than enough of the feminism and sodomism obligatory, dictated to the media by the West without faith nor law to break the instinctive popular resistance capacity in each country. As in the case of Trump, let’s start by respecting a democratically elected leader; let’s wait for concrete decisions.

Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen


Who is Maria Poumier?

French University professor, Maria Poumier is a specialist in Caribbean history and culture. She is also an essayist and documentary filmmaker. She spent several years in Cuba where she was a lecturer at the University of Havana and then at the University of Paris VIII. Her research focuses on Cuba, Latin America, history and literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Graduate in Spanish she translates also the texts of Israel Shamir with which she collaborates.

An anti-liberal political activist, María Poumier is known for her political activities related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and supports the Palestinian people. She was forced to end to her university career in France as a result of the pressure she suffered for her pro-Palestinian positions. She was present in Libya on March 28, 2011, to protest NATO bombing.

She has written several books including: Poésie salvadorienne du XXe siècle (2002) ; En confidence – Entretien avec l’Inconnue (2009) ; Proche des NEG (2009) ;  Marchandiser la vie humaine (2015).

Maria Poumier manages the site Entre la plume et l’enclume

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