William Hanna: “Israeli ‘apartness’, however, means living in a Palestine without Palestinians.”

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William Hanna. DR.

William Hanna. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Your book “Hiramic Brotherhood: Ezekiel's Temple Prophesy” is very interesting and talks, among other things, about the denial of human rights to an entire people, the Palestinian people. You also mention the ethnic cleansing practiced by the Zionist entity of Israel against the Palestinian people. Why are Western governments turning a blind eye to the abominable crimes of the Zionist entity of Israel? How do you explain the hypocrisy of Western governments regarding the just cause of the Palestinian people?

William Hanna: When in November 1947 it became apparent to Zionists that the UN vote on the Partition of Palestine would be short of the required two-thirds majority in the General Assembly, they filibustered for a postponement until after Thanksgiving thereby gaining enough time to coerce the US into threatening the loss of aid to nations such as Greece — which planned on voting against — into changing their votes. On 29 November 1947 the UN voted for a modified Partition Plan recommending the creation of independent Arab and Jewish States with a Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem. At the time, the general consensus of opinion was that Israel’s contentious creation had been allowed as a conscious and willful act of Holocaust compensation because of western feelings of guilt. Since then, the weaponisation of anti-Semitism or “holocaust Industry” has ensured the silencing of western politicians and governments.

   “Israelis and American Jews fully agree that the memory of the Holocaust is an indispensable weapon — one that must be used relentlessly against their common enemy . . . Jewish organisations and individuals thus labor continuously to remind the world of it. In America, the perpetuation of the Holocaust memory is now a $100-million-a-year enterprise, part of which is government funded.”

   According Moshe Leshem — the Israeli author of Balaam's Curse: How Israel Lost Its Way, and How It Can Find It Again — the expansion of Israeli power is commensurate with the expansion of the “Holocaust” propaganda.


In your book “The Grim Reaper”, you deal with the very sensitive subject of private security companies. How do you explain the weight of these private companies? Is it not dangerous for States to entrust strategic sectors such as intelligence, defense and security, to private companies? Aren't we witnessing the privatization of States?

Absolutely! One consequences of privatising security that was once the responsibility of the state is that while it may to some extent provide states and multinational corporations with an opportunity to distance themselves from controversial actions, it will also invariably undermine with violence the values associated with democratic principles, human rights, and the rule of law; will change the mechanisms by which force is controlled and thereby redistribute the power that controls the use of violence; will enhance the influence of persons and groups outside the state apparatus; and will spread control of security to a wider circle of individuals whose primary, if not only, concern is not for public protection, but for personal profit. It is evident that the extensive use of PMSCs (note: Private military security companies) by democratic governments poses a threat to the democratic nation-state because it undermines the state’s monopoly on the use of force; increases the executive’s power to wage war without democratic accountability; and prioritises private gain over the welfare of the general public.


In your opinion, why are the media silent about Israel's abominable crimes against the Palestinian people?

Apart from substantial Jewish ownership or involvement in major media organisations, corporate journalists also fear the numerous pro-Israel media monitoring individuals, groups, and organisations such as BBC Watch in the UK, and CAMERA — Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis — in the US who will not hesitate to launch a barrage of anti-Semitism accusations against any report critical of Israel. Helen Thomas — American reporter, author, and longtime front row member of the White House press corps — once observed that “you cannot criticise Israel in this country and survive.” Thomas had to step down from her job as a columnist for Hearst News after a rabbi and independent filmmaker videotaped her outside the White House calling on Israelis to get “out of Palestine.”


The population of Gaza is still under an infamous blockade during the Covid-19 pandemic, lacking electricity, water, respirators, medicines and so on. How do you explain the world's silence in the face of this ignominy? And why does the criminal Zionist entity of Israel enjoy such impunity?

This is a conundrum that defies explanation and I can only put it down to hypocrisy and double standards. Witness the current commendable worldwide protest demonstrations over the police killing of African American George Floyd in the US, and yet — comparatively speaking — there was hardly a murmur over the fatal shooting of an autistic Palestinian man by Israeli police.


You have long been very committed to the just cause of the rights of the Palestinian people. In your opinion, aren't the Palestinian people undergoing a real apartheid policy on the part of the Zionist entity of Israel?

Not only a real Apartheid, but also one that is far more barbaric than the one in South Africa where the white supremacist Afrikaners wanted “apartness” with the black African population living in separate townships. Israeli “apartness,” however, means living in a Palestine without Palestinians.


“After the IDF (note: Israel Defense Forces) completes the ‘softening’ of the targets with its firepower, the IDF will conquer the entire Gaza, using all the means necessary to minimise any harm to our soldiers, with no other considerations . . . will thoroughly eliminate all armed enemies from Gaza. The enemy population that is innocent of wrongdoing and separated itself from the armed terrorists will be treated in accordance with international law and will be allowed to leave . . . Gaza is part of our Land and we will remain there forever . . . subsequent to the elimination of terror from Gaza, it will become part of sovereign Israel and will be populated by Jews . . . this will also serve to ease the housing crisis in Israel.”

Moshe Feiglin, deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset


Why is it that every time someone expresses anti-Zionist views, he is accused of being anti-Semitic?

This question is best answered as follows:


“Ever since the Jews invented the libel charge of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the 1880s. It was first printed in the Jewish Encyclopaedia (1901, Vol. I, p. 641), it has been built up with Jewish money, organisations, propaganda, and lies (such as the Holocaust — Holohoax), so that now the word is like snake venom which paralyses one’s nervous system. Even the mention of the word ‘Jew’ is shunned unless used in a most favourable and positive context.”

Charles A. Weisman, Who is Esau-Edom?, 1966

There are more and more protest movements by Westerners, such as BDS, which reject Israel's apartheid policy. How do you explain that Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Morocco, etc. are normalizing their relations with the Zionist entity of Israel?

Increased regional instability and mistrust have heightened tensions between states and adversaries such as Iran against whom Israel is also antagonistic. Consequently, such hostility towards Iran has become a shared interest for Israel and the Gulf states.


The Zionist entity of Israel is establishing a long-term presence in Africa. How do you explain this? Have not African leaders who submit to Israel lost all dignity like some Arab leaders?

Unfortunately for many nations business considerations come before human rights. In July 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu visited Africa accompanied by some 80 businesspeople from over 50 Israeli companies in order to forge commercial ties that would inhibit criticism of, or votes against Israel at the UN. The Israeli government had in the meantime passed an approximately 50 million shekel plan to strengthen economic links and cooperation with African countries as part of a plan to undermine support for the Palestine cause.


How do you explain the fact that Benyamin Netanyahu, although racist, corrupt and involved in several shady cases, is re-elected each time?

Because like the 63 million racist Americans who voted for a mentally deranged and racist Donald Trump, most Israelis are also racist and want a leader who is like-minded.


How do you explain the influence of Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and the role he plays in the "deal of the century"?

Because of being barely literate and of low IQ, the Trump family can only cope with having equally ignorant people around them as for example the quality of the White House appointees and staff. As for Jared Kushner, I have neither the inclination nor the English language eloquence to comment on this lowlife, sewer, sleezeball.


The West Bank will be annexed on July 1st. What is your opinion on this?

Such illegal annexation will bring Israel closer to fulfilling the strategy of the “Yinon Plan” for an imperialist Israeli State — a Greater Israel — which ironically is no different to the ones laid out by the German Nazis for a “Greater German Nation.” Though there have been some rumblings of opposition from the EU, I fear that as usual nothing will come of them, Israel will continue with its ethnic cleansing land grab, and the Palestinian cause will suffer yet another setback.


We saw the assassination of George Floyd that shocked the whole world. The Israeli army, Tsahal, often uses this so-called strangulation technique on the Palestinian people. Can we hope one day to see the world show emotion and demonstrate massively for the Palestinian victims of the Israeli army?

If the world had the necessary courage, humanity and moral integrity to challenge Israel’s arrogant impunity, it would have done so during the 1948 Nakba when murderous Zionist militias expelled over 750,000 unarmed Palestinian civilians who to this day have been denied the “right of return” which hypocritically any Jew in the world has. The answer to your question is an emphatic NOT A CHANCE!


In your opinion, how can the Palestinian people recover its rights? Shouldn't the Palestinian resistance movements be revitalized in order to expel the occupier from their land, as the Algerian people did in the face of French colonialism?

NO! The Algerian resistance only had France to contend with. The Palestinians on the other hand are up against an Israel heavily armed, generously financed, and unconditionally supported by a US government totally controlled by pro-Israel lobby groups such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIAC); up against EU nations that readily accede to Jewish pressure and pass legislation that criminalises criticism of Israel and punishes active support for the Palestinian people as is the case with the BDS movement; and up against military industrial complexes that thrive on endless conflicts which preclude concern for human rights and justice.

Is not Zionism, which is the pure product of Kabbalah and the Talmud, a racist ideology?

Not only a racist ideology directly affecting the lives of Palestinian people, but but also one that is cancerous for the rest of humanity including Jews.

   “Zionism and Judaism is not one thing but two different things. And of course two contradicting one another. Zionism starts at the place where Judaism is destroyed . . . one thing is certain, Zionism is not a continuation or healing of wounded Judaism, but rather an uprooting.”

   Chaim Chassas, in the Zionist newspaper, Ha'Arutz, 1943,


How is it that a key figure like Moses Hess, about whom no one speaks, is both the founder of Zionism, even before Theodor Herzl, and the theorist of National Socialism, notably in his book Rome and Jerusalem? And why the silence on this enigmatic personage?

Moses Hess (1812-1875) had no exceptional or notable events happen during his lifetime that would have brought him the necessary publicity to become publicly renowned. Herzl (1860-1904) on the other hand, was 34 and a journalist during the October 1894 trial of a Jewish artillery officer in the French military — Alfred Dreyfus who was courtmartialed for allegedly giving secrets to the Germans, given a life sentence, and imprisoned on Devil’s Island which prompted Émile Zola to write his famous “J’Accuse” letter, published by L’Aurore newspaper on a front-page editorial. The Dreyfus Affair, as it came to be known, subsequently had a tremendous impact on the emergence of political Zionism in Europe, and even possibly on Herzl who eventually embraced its ideology. Herzl’s renown was reenforced when in 1897 he founded the Zionist newspaper Dei Welt in Vienna, and planned the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland where he was elected president of the Congress and held the position until his death.


The importance of the role played by publicity in framing world affairs brings to mind the fact that most Americans were completely apathetic when Israel was established in 1948. Then in the mid 1950s, American Jewish author Leon Uris was approached by the eminent public relations consultant Edward Gottlieb to write a book on the subject: a 1958 book that became an international bestseller and with Israeli government involvement was made by Otto Preminger into a film that stimulated Zionism and gained support for Israel in the United States. David Ben-Gurion felt that as a film it was nothing special, but “as a piece of propaganda, it’s the greatest thing ever written about Israel.” 

Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen


Who is William Hanna?

William Hanna is a British author living in London. He has travelled and lived for different periods in Africa and the Middle East. His articles have been published on some 250 sites, such as Dissident Voice, Global Research, Counter Currents.org, and others. He has published a book of his articles on Palestine entitled “The Tragedy of Palestine and his Children, whose income from the sale is donated to the ProMozaik association, an international association aimed at creating a multicultural society based on intercultural, interreligious and inter-ethnic dialogue. He has published several books including: "Hiramic Brotherhood of the Third Temple", “The Grim Reaper”.


His website:  https://www.williamhannaauthor.com


Published in American Herald Tribune June 27, 2020: https://ahtribune.com/interview/4258-william-hanna.html

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