To the European Parliament… don’t touch Algeria!

Publié le par Mohsen Abdelmoumen

L’Algérie peaufine sa stratégie de développement touristique

To the European Parliament… don’t touch Algeria!

We strongly condemn the interference of the European Parliament in Algeria’s internal affairs.

The resolution of the European Parliament is an insult to the Algerian people.

We warn you against any attempt to destabilize Algeria, which will have disastrous consequences for Africa and the whole world.

We warn against the plots of the Gulf monarchies, those traitors who have always served imperialism and the Zionist entity of Israel.

Would you dare to make a resolution against the Zionist entity of Israel that is massacring the Palestinian people?

Would you dare to make a resolution against the Moroccan Makhzen that is massacring the people of Western Sahara and lobbying in your parliament by buying some of your MPs.

Your parliament is gangrenous with corruption and you are giving us lessons in democracy!

Gentlemen of the European Parliament, your resolution against Algeria is a serious neo-colonialist and imperialist drift.

Your imperialist and neo-colonialist agenda will not pass.

The traitors and mercenaries who serve your agenda have lost the battle.

Algeria is bigger than all of you and the Algerian people shed their blood to obtain their independence, we did not win our independence by playing the lottery.

We have never forgotten your colonialist past and your unspeakable crimes against our people.

Take care of your problems and the problems of the European citizen who lives in precariousness unlike you.

We call on the peoples of Europe to free themselves from their chains and put an end to the reign of the oligarchy that rules them.

Immediately cease your relentlessness against the National People’s Army (ANP), worthy heir to the glorious National Liberation Army (ALN).

The Algerian army is the army of the Algerian people. We are all with our army except the felons who serve the imperialist and neo-colonialist agenda.

Long live the struggle of the people against imperialism and neo-colonialism.

Long live Algeria

Glory to our martyrs!

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