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Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Why did you defend my case for free?

Mr. Djamal YalaouiI did not take up the vocation of Defending by chance. Everything in my career, since my early adolescence, was intended for me to engage in the fight for the most humble-my cultural and social backgrounds are no stranger to it-and for Justice. It seemed to me, rightly, to be an evidence to defend "a feline harassed and mistreated by a band of bloodthirsty hyenas"!

I defend Mohsen ABDELMOUMEN not as a gracious but as a Faternal because we share the same values and we defend the same causes. My principles are above money and even above my person.

You are an eminent jurist; can you tell us if there is any defamation or slander in this case?


We are in the presence of a textbook case of the application of the legal principle "exceptio veritatis" or exception of truth. This legal term, which is an exception to the general rule, indicates that a person sued for defamation can escape conviction if he proves the truth of his allegations or denunciations. However, in our case, Mohsen ABDELMOUMEN qualified the Rachad organization as a "terrorist" organization by relying on the statements of Rachad's leaders and more precisely that of Mourad DHINA: "We do not have to sink into media coverage, selection, and the condemnation of death. (...) May these intellectuals have the courage to take responsibility for their actions, may they say that we are engaged in a war and that some of us have paid with our lives. May they make martyrs of them. ».


In addition, Rachad's leaders have as their spiritual guide - in fact their ideologue - Hakim El MATERI who is the Secretary General of the Conference of the Islamic Nation (the UMA congress), in particular, and especially the latter has legitimized the assassination by decapitation of the French professor of history and geography. In the light of these brief observations, the rule of law of the exception of truth fully applies, in our present case, and therefore defamation is not characterized. Consequently, defamation does not legally exist in our case.

We know that the terrorist organization Rashad is subject to a Zionist agenda.  Why do you think this organization, which is linked to international terrorism (Cf. the UMA congress of Hakim EL MATIRI), targeted Mohsen ABDELMOUMEN?

Mohsen ABDELMOUMEN belongs to this rare category of people whose reason for living-the salt of his life-are his struggles against imperialism, Zionism and injustice in general. In more than one way, he is a privileged target for "those people". Indeed, they are trying to terrorize Mohsen ABDELMOUMEN who is an opponent from outside! My client is above all the symbol of the fight against the Algerian Islamists, defector of the FIS and others... After having faced them in Algeria for a decade, he is caught up by "those people" in Belgium where he has been living since 2005. I remind our readers that in 2014 he will be the subject of an assassination attempt by bullet. Mohsen ABDELMOUMEN disturbs "those people" because, as he reminded me, "I listen to Rachad when they talk, but I hear what they don't say... And what you don't say is more important than the words you say": this is my client's crime!

Why did the terrorist organization Rachad take Algeria as a privileged target? Why does it target the Algerian army and the Algerian intelligence services?

As Bernanos said "the failures won't miss you" and the Zionists and their followers won't miss Algeria.

However, the Rachad organization is only a conglomerate of loosers, mediocre and frustrated people who consider that all their failures are the responsibility of the Algerian state. The all-out activism of the Rachad organization is only one front of the great offensive of the American-Zionist empire to destroy the sovereignty of the peoples and impose their post-colonial agenda! Algeria is now in great danger, both inside and outside its borders. I recall that Algeria is the largest country in Africa, it has inexhaustible mineral wealth, it has the most powerful and experienced army in Africa and the Algerian intelligence services are considered among the best in the world.  Algerians in Europe must "stand ready" to deal with the threat that "certain enemy parties pose to the security" of Algeria. There is a need to "strengthen the external front" to counter all enemy plots and biased media campaigns aimed at Algeria. Being an Algerian patriot is not waiting for the storm to pass, it is learning to dance in the rain!

Recently there have been public revelations about the Rachad Benelux cell, can you enlighten our readers about this?

Indeed, as part of our counter-investigation, our investigations have enabled us to better understand the organization and operating methods of Rachad and its "cells, agencies or subsidiaries" that have been sown all over the world. I will try to be synthetic, while specifying to you that I plan to devote a legal article at a later date solely to this subject.

The "useful and docile idiots" of RACHAD BENELUX (RBNL) are, for the official showcase, constituted as a non-profit association on May 4, 2012 in Brussels. This association is an empty shell. At the beginning they were 4 individuals, today they are only 3: RAKIK Abderrahim, ALI AMMAR Hamid Abdelhak and ZITOUT Tahar. Together they are the General Assembly (all the members), the Board of Directors (the administrators) and the executive (President, Treasurer, Secretary).

This structure has only one vocation: to give itself a nice media image ("Rachad wants to be a political, social and intellectual gathering for a real change of the Algerian political system" - RBNL status) and to collect public subsidies from European states and the European Union. As you can see, RACHAD BENELUX, is insignificant at the level of his "army" but has a real capacity of nuisance, like any nuisance, towards Algeria and the host countries where governments grant them the status of political refugees, in particular. However, we discover that "at the same time" they constitute myriads of commercial companies (SPRL IDEAL, SPRL ROYAL, SPRL TRADING...) which have allowed them to collect 260.000€ of turnover without declaring their employees (illegal immigrants), without paying any social contribution (Decision of the Court of Appeal of LIEGE of September 6, 2016) or tax! And on top of that, once the lemon company has been squeezed to the last cent of euro, they burn down the premises to get the insurance compensations and declare them bankrupt. These are mafia methods that have allowed RACHAD BENELUX to collect more or less, more than 10 million euros in Belgium alone!

How do you see the outcome of this trial? Don't you think a complaint should be filed against Rachad Benelux?

As I indicated above and I confirm it here: there is no defamation. Consequently, the LIEGE Public Prosecutor's Office has no other outcome than to "dismiss" this "dead-born" complaint.

However, I remind you that it is RACHAD BENELUX who filed a complaint against Mohsen ABDELMOUMEN, even though the latter is totally foreign to the exchanges, the object of the legal action. This is why, not only RACHAD BENELUX had no "interest to act" (The interest to act is the primary condition for the admissibility of any complaint or legal action. One must always have an interest to act. It is a systematic condition of legal soundness) but moreover their intervention had only one objective: to harm my client! The criminal proceedings were totally diverted, diverted by "those people" and this reprehensible behavior caused serious harm to my client.

Consequently, we will initiate proceedings against RACHAD BENELUX, as soon as the complaint for defamation will be filed without any official follow-up.

Professor Ahmed BENSAADA demonstrated with the help of official documents, the links between some Algerian organizations and the NED which is a showcase of the CIA, these same organizations have links with the terrorist organization Rachad. How do you explain the alliance between the Rachad organization and these Algerian organizations?

Your question deserves a book to answer it. It is already done! I can only invite your readers to read and reread (the books, in particular "Who are the self-proclaimed leaders of Hirak" and its many articles) the remarkable work of expertise that Professor Ahmed BENSAADA has been carrying out for several years on the subject, and which I greet fraternally in passing.  What I can tell you is that all this nebulous of organizations and associations all have the same vocation - "to damage Algeria" - and the same project, to deliver Algeria to foreign powers through a "springanization” (Arab Spring) of Algeria. We use the same method as the one experimented on the Syrian state: we know the result! Without the vigorous intervention of President Putin's Russia, Syria would be dismantled like Czechoslovakia. The intensification of commercial ties and the strengthening of military relations demonstrate that Algeria is well aware of the many dangers that lie in wait for it and of the many enemies from within and without that have harassed it through media smear campaigns or alleged motions "for violation of human rights". Those responsible for Rachad are among those mercenaries from abroad who are waging all-out war on the Algerian state. The post-colonialism of the 21st century takes different forms: economic, cultural, sanitary... They even invented ecological colonialism to better steal from African peoples!

Don't you think that Algeria is the target of all these occult organizations because it refuses any normalization in its relations with the Zionist entity of Israel?

The Algerian Nation is only the sum of its acts and commitments.

Algeria is more than a geographical entity: it is a bridge between two continents, between two shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which is the stretch of water on the globe where there is the greatest concentration of belligerents and armaments.

Through its struggle against Zionism and for the freedom of the Palestinian and Sahrawi peoples in particular, Algeria brings a lesson. Teaching, however, is not filling a vase but lighting a fire! This is why Algeria is also scary! For Algeria Zionism is the cancer of Humanity and I would add that considering a Zionist as a human being is an oxymoron.

Moreover, we should not underestimate all these "nostalgéria" or revenge for the "French-Algeria", from the outside and from the inside. Take for example the current French government, which is composed of a Minister of the Interior (DARMANAIN) whose grandfather was a harkis during the period of the Algerian War of Liberation, the Minister of National Education (BLANQUER) whose father was a lawyer for the members of the OAS, the list is long!

What do you think of the surge of solidarity that you and your client have enjoyed over the last few days?

I was very sensitive to this enormous surge of solidarity that sprang up in the four corners of the global village. But above all, it is a tribute to a noble struggle, recognition of the work of an entire team of "Brothers in Arms" and adherence to our quest for justice for the "New Algeria".

I am passionate about words, the verb, synonymous with a whole universe where the beautiful prevails over the ugly or the faithful word prevails over lies and betrayal ... I offer these few verses of poetry to your readers and all patriots:

- Blessed are those who died for the fleshly earth,

- But as long as it was in a just war.

- Blessed are those who died for four corners of the earth.

- Blessed are those who died a solemn death.

- Blessed are those who died in great battles,

- Lying on the ground in the face of God.

- Blessed are those who died in that embrace,

- In the embrace of honor and earthly confession.

Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen


Lawyer at the Paris Bar and correspondent partner at the Oran Bar Association

¨     Over 15 years proven experience as a lawyer in Commercial Law, human rights or legal action on behalf of individual clients, in family law, responsibility law, penal and administrative dispute resolution.

¨     Founder of YALAOUI & Associates - a Law Firm specializing in human rights (notarial, clinical negligence,) penal and administrative dispute resolution, commercial law.

¨     5 years of legal advice in the field of mergers/acquisitions and disputes. Coordinator of a team of 8 colleagues.

¨     3 years teaching experience in the «Institut d’Etudes Judiciaires de la faculté de Droit de l’Université de Paris XI» (Institue for Legal Affairs of the Law Faculty of the University of Paris XI), and in the «Ecole des Avocats du ressort de la Cour d’Appel de Paris» (Law school under the jurisdiction of the Appeals Court, Paris)

¨     Town Councillor of Guyancourt (Les Yvelines), Environmental Delegate (1995-2001) 

¨     Deputy Mayor of Trappes (les Yvelines) responsible for child services & education (2001-2007)

¨      Proven ability in writing skills

-    In tax & public finances law (the notion of fixed assets under French tax laws?. Transfer pricing under international tax laws, with the support? of Michel de GILLENSCHMIDT, State Councilor, Inter-generational exchanges and social protection with the aid? of Denis KESSLER)

-      In Diplomacy (The American military-industrial complex : its impact on the economy and its influence in the political arena, the specific charateristics of Algerian diplomacy)?

¨     Public speaking skills

−      Laureate of the International Mooting Competition (1998)

−      Secretary of the ” Conférence du Stage “(1996/1997)

¨     Good knowledge of the area, in general, and of the problems of the suburbs and working class areas, in particular:

−      Co-Chair of Trappes Football Club

−      Active member of the following associations: “Black/Blanc/Beur” (dance company) “Grands Frères”, “Avenir Citoyen”, AVESY (Association for the Greens and Environmentalists of the South Yvelines, ADT (Association for the Development of Trappes)

¨ High-level athlete: marathon runner (2h19) – 100 km (7h09) – Winner of the Cross-country Figaro race

¨     Highly committed 

¨     An aptitude for pugnacity, determination and negotiating skills?

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