Algerian Ministry of Defense Response to the Moroccan Makhzen and the Zionists

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The Algerian Ministry of Defense is at the forefront of a titanic battle against a multifaceted enemy, but the matrix is the same. As proof, the recent communiqués of the Ministry of Defense or the statements of the Chief of Staff that evoke a 4th generation war, as well as the destabilization plan that targets Algeria, without forgetting various anti-terrorist operations that demonstrate that the terrorist beast is still there, lurking in the shadows.

The February 21 communiqué informs us about the threats and shows us, above all, that our army the ANP has understood what others seem to ignore or pretend to ignore, a fact that we should dwell on for a while longer. « Some parties and spokespersons of discord have relayed through their subversive pages and accounts on social networks unfounded allegations, professing that the actions and operations carried out by the military institution, internally and externally, respond to agendas and instructions from foreign parties, and that the ANP is preparing to send troops to participate in military missions outside our national borders under the hat of foreign powers within the framework of the G5 Sahel, which is false and unacceptable. Intoxications that can only come from ignorant people in the pay of the Moroccan Makhzen and Zionists ».

This communiqué, which evokes a real destabilization plan targeting the Algerian army, the backbone of the Algerian state, comes at a time when Algeria is the target of occult circles that have never hidden their intention to provoke the dismantling of the Algerian state. They use far-fetched and devious slogans such as the famous « Dawla madania machi askaria », a slogan elaborated in imperialist laboratories and which directly points at the Algerian army. Of course, the occult forces hidden behind such slogans act in concert with traitors from within and without, headed by the terrorist organization Rachad (with whom I am in conflict and litigation before the Belgian courts) which serves the Zionist agenda. This organization is linked to the Moroccan makhzen and certain oligarchs who finance these actions and is the spearhead of the plan to destabilize Algeria.

The Algerian Ministry of Defense observation is of great relevance and the threats that lie in wait for Algeria are not a sight of mind or a state of mind, and it is an alarm bell that has just sounded via this press release. As I write these sentences, our soldiers are operating in the mountains and they are giving their lives for our homeland, while agitators and other puppets are hiding in the warmth of their homes. The fight against the fundamentalist hydra is permanent.

Of course, at a time when the Ministry of Defense alerts us to the various dangers that await Algeria, « political parties » and « Algerian civil society » continue their legendary hibernation.

The communiqué of 21 and the February 24 release of Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army (ANP), a symbolic date for the nationalization of hydrocarbons, confirm that the army of our country has always been aware of the multiple dangers that await Algeria. « The possible repercussions on the security and stability of our country, induced by the deterioration of the security situation in our regional environment, in addition to the vile and no less repeated attempts to undermine the cohesion of society, require us today, more than ever, to work to consolidate the ties of our national unity and strengthen our cohesion and our internal front, in order to face all threats, » he said in a speech delivered at the opening of the national seminar on « The wars of the new generation: challenges and methods of confrontation ».

And he states: « This should not be an objective in itself, but a means to further strengthen vigilance and patriotism, to become aware of what is happening against our country and to be ready to face all eventualities and scenarios ».        

He also stressed that « national defense is a sacred duty and a collective responsibility that we, as individuals, communities and institutions, must ensure by placing the supreme interests of the nation as a major objective, and by strengthening the requirements of the response to all the underhanded campaigns, which vainly try to target our national unity, sovereignty and stability »

The chief of staff of the ANP warned of the dangers of the new generation of wars that have a mode of their own, which target societies based on propaganda, counter-propaganda and the adoption of a strategy of influencing collective perception.

« New generation wars, or hybrid wars as some call them, are wars that have their own mode, in that they target societies and are based on propaganda and counter-propaganda, and this through a strategy of influencing collective perception, » he explained.

Thus, it is important, if not essential, to carefully analyze the words of the February 21 press release and the Chief of Staff’s statement of Wednesday, February 24, because every word is important.

For my part, I have never ceased, through my articles and multiple interviews, to alert to the many threats that target Algeria and our army. A real plan has been elaborated and designed to dismantle Algeria and our army. Unfortunately, we can see that the work on the media level is not up to the task, with TV channels and newspapers that are useless, except to stuff themselves with advertising money. At the level of social networks, Algeria’s enemies and traitors on all sides are more harmful than ever, and we are far from having an organized resistance that will face these well-organized enemies. The war at the level of social networks will be decisive in the future.

With these communiqués and various statements, our army has once again proved that it is ahead of everyone and that it is ready to face any danger that awaits Algeria, whatever it may be. It is hoped that the message will be grasped by the real patriotic forces, far from political calculations and small maneuvers from one side or the other. When Algeria’s destiny is at stake, egos and other apothecary accounts must disappear. Algeria faces several challenges: security, economic, political, all at the same time. The duty of every Algerian is to defend his country against this Trojan horse of traitors from within and without. We have been mobilized in this fight for a long time, contrary to some “salonards”, usurpers and parasites.

Patriotism is not a political stance or a game, it is a permanent commitment, and the true patriot is never at the service of his personal interests, quite the contrary, he is always ready to sacrifice. Patriotism is measured not by words but by deeds. My conviction is unshakeable: Algeria will emerge victorious from the plans of its enemies. The history of our country has shown us that we know how to face any hostility. Algeria is drenched in the blood of its martyrs, and this blessed land from heaven with its thousand-year-old history is not for sale. Our homeland is a true fortress of resistance that refuses to normalize its relations with the Zionist entity of Israel and has always supported the just causes and the struggle of peoples throughout the world, among these peoples, the Palestinian and Sahrawi peoples.

The creators of the slogan « Dawla madania machi askaria » (civil, not military, state) have laid down this semantic Taqiya with the aim of implanting an Islamic state in Algeria, which would fall within the framework of the neo FIS project, hoping to conquer power through chaos. The army prevented them in the 1990s from transforming Algeria into a medieval caliphate. For this reason, they target the ANP and evoke the 1990s with a permanent « who-kills-who » propaganda and hysterical relentlessness. They did not hesitate to ally themselves with the imprisoned oligarchs, headed by the sinister Ali Haddad, who, from prison, financed several operations to destabilize Algeria. For years, I have warned against the maneuvers of the oligarchy and the Islamists, I have called for the consolidation of the internal front around a social project that offers prospects to the Algerian people. Today, Algeria is the target of several imperialist offensives and a real national surge is needed to neutralize all the enemies of Algeria and safeguard the country’s stability. It is a matter of life and death. Offering a horizon and a course for this great country, giving hope to the Algerian youth is a primordial task. It is necessary to fight the anti-national forces on the ground. This is the role of every Algerian citizen.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Published in American Herald Tribune March 1, 2021

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