Dirty Time for The Traitors of Algeria That Are Rachad and Others

Publié le par Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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The vice is tightening on the enemies of our dear country Algeria. Indeed, all the scum that has come out of the sewers and has spent its time for years insulting and denigrating our army and our intelligence services is threatened with extradition to the countries where it plots against the Algerian state. These lawless bastards are eagerly awaited in Algeria to be tried for the crimes they have committed against the Algerian people. This is the consequence of the about-face of their sultan Erdogan who got closer to the Egyptian president and who turned his back on the Muslim brothers. Erdogan seems to have understood that his interest was not with the latter nor with the empire that ruled him like a puppet. This reversal of the situation places in a very uncomfortable position the terrorists of Rachad and other elements who sold themselves like Judas to different foreign services and who serve without batting an eyelid the Zionist agenda that targets Algeria and its army the ANP.

In his various field trips, the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Said Changriha, referred to the war of the 4th generation. We know that cyber-attacks are targeting Algeria, targeted attacks emanating from the Zionist entity of Israel which has mobilized special sections dedicated to the destabilization of Algeria and its backbone the ANP. We have also seen the media gesticulations of the Zionist agent Edy Cohen against Algeria, including this completely outlandish story about anti-Covid vaccines. Let’s add to that the Moroccan Makhzen which has never stopped its campaign of slander against our army, especially with the story of el ardja where it mobilized agents and brigades of several thousand electronic flies just to attack Algeria.

All these elements indicate that there is nothing accidental, that everything is linked, and that we are engaged in a proxy war waged by a conglomerate of groups and sub-groups that have become objective allies even if they are ideologically opposed, groups ranging from the Islamist terrorists of Rashad to the separatists, to the oligarchs and the extreme left, the latter having undergone a political deformation that now predisposes it to serve the interests of imperialism. The oligarchs are also part of the game, making money flow freely, some of them seeking to provoke social crises, such as the oil crisis, to bring the people out into the streets in order to precipitate the fall of the Algerian state. Hoping to profit from a chaotic situation, all are getting along like thieves to play the card of the hirak version Rachad, these different forces tuning their instruments according to the « A » of the Zionist and imperialist conductor who is at the other end of the world. This incongruous melting pot has been formed against the background of the inertia of political parties which have become veritable empty shells that eat up money without compensation and are completely useless in the fight against imperialism and Zionism that true Algerian patriots are waging. The press, for its part, persists in a conformist and stultifying role and, failing to inform, has become a budgetary millstone. On the side of social networks, the anti-national elements that swarm there continue their propaganda against our army which is on all fronts, a very effective army composed of patriots who are the only bulwarks against the terrorist hordes and other foot soldiers of the empire and Zionism and their objective allies, such as the oligarchs and other groups composed of marginal and neo-colonized, all united in felony and treason and obeying obediently to the imperialist and Zionist agenda in order to dismantle the Algerian army and achieve, in the end, the partition of Algeria. Thus, the feast of the beasts that want to skin Algeria is preparing before our eyes.

Resistance to this Zionist agenda in social networks remains weak, as in the case of political parties that claim to be nationalist but are not able to produce a communiqué to defend Algeria. As for the press, it is uninterested in issues that concern the defense of national sovereignty. The bastards and other barkers continue to wallow in words and blabla, just words and wind, and especially no action. Algeria needs concrete acts and men of action who defend it on the ground and not from a couch in the numbness of a boring intellectual comfort symptomatic of the four-bit nerds, these permanent castrated. Decidedly, the field is full of useless people, and this observation is not recent.

However, in the face of danger, the patriots within our army, the ANP, the only guarantor of Algeria’s stability, stand up. Our army, which is our pride, remains standing and resists against all destabilization plans. And today, the traitors of the various groups linked to the imperialist and Zionist agenda have undergone a real cataclysm by learning the issuance of arrest warrants against them. From now on, these tramps who operate from abroad are no longer safe. It’s the « sauve qui peut »! Times are hard for those who thought they were playing the leading roles, they believed that Algeria was an easy prey and that it would submit to their yoke. Poor fools! Algeria and its army will always resist all malice. Our army is fighting in the field and we, the patriots, stand by our soldiers against the janissaries and foot soldiers of imperialism and Zionism. As far as I am concerned, as I said recently on Radio Algérie International, I am a soldier and my pen is in the service of my country. Our army and our intelligence services are untouchable. To turn a blind eye to the treason that targets our country is criminal.

Gentlemen traitors of all sides, from the terrorists of Rachad to the separatists and the other little political thugs who think they are not, dwarfs who see themselves as giants, you have lost. Algeria is bigger than all of you combined and it will resist all your Machiavellian plans. So eat your treachery dollars and don’t talk with your mouth full, you might choke. You have been warned: the anti-national forces’ orgy you have indulged in will end badly for you. No one will be spared and you will all be held accountable. Your Western masters can do nothing for you, they will throw you away like used Kleenex. You will all roam like dogs abroad, socially and politically stateless, and you will be accountable for the blood of the innocents you have spilled around the world with your Zionist spring. I have a special thought for this scoundrel Saidani who is hiding with the Moroccan Makhzen and his Zionist masters. We do not forget that he attacked our intelligence services.

Algeria will resist and will put down the foul beast represented by this group of traitors who are today claimed by the Algerian justice. Algeria will remain standing like the olive tree of our ancestors whose sap flows in our veins, and from our mountains will resound the song of the brave that has crossed the centuries, the song of resistance against imperialist and Zionist ignominy.

As for us, the patriots, we have always served our homeland and we are devoted to the cause of our people. And we will never forget the oath of our martyrs.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Published in American Herald Tribune  March 29, 2021: https://ahtribune.ca/world/africa/4589-traitors-of-algeria.html

Published in https://www.algeriepatriotique.com/2021/03/29/sale-temps-pour-les-traitres-rachad-executants-dun-agenda-sioniste/

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